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In Defense of Veganism

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  • If you stopped eating animal products for the environment, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you stopped eating animal products for your health, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you stopped eating animal products ‘cause animals are cute, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you perpetuate carnism as a norm by playing “nice vegan”, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you think “militant” vegans are wrong, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you think animal liberation activists are terrorists, you are a vegetarian.
  • If you think what you eat is a personal choice, you are a vegetarian.

Strict vegetarianism is not the same thing as veganism. The modern boom of plant-based diets seems to have shifted the view of veganism as something “hippies” did to something rich white soccer moms do. That is not veganism. Veganism is an active boycott of all animal enterprise possible at any cost. There is no such thing as merely a vegan “diet”, there is only a vegan lifestyle. A vegan lifestyle costs no more than a morally bankrupt lifestyle. Do not buy into the lie. Do not buy into the media. Do not buy into what your friend’s friend told you about vegans. We exist to counter the destructive system by which animals are harmed and exploited for human gain, all other benefits are secondary.

Abolitionist veganism is the only veganism.

This is why abolitionists are going to go nowhere. smart move, fuckwad

Does this remind anyone else of Straight Edge Hardliners?

I respect people who are devoutly committed to their morals, and I wholeheartedly support the belief system behind the strict vegan lifestyle. I have managed to eliminate 99.9% of animal products and animal exploitation from my lifestyle, and have been eating 99% animal-free for 15 years.

However, I am human, and as such, not perfect. I make mistakes, I have moments of weakness, and I don’t know everything. Sometimes I believe people too easily, and sometimes I’m too tired, stressed, or busy to ask every question about a product before I consume it.

And since I’m human, I’m capable of compassion. This, to me, is the most important aspect of choosing to be vegan. I am compassionate to animals, the planet, ecosystems, future generations, and my fellow humans. This means that I can have some understanding for other people and their situations, and accept them even if they don’t live the same lifestyle I do, or if they are on a different part of their journey than I am.

I like to believe that my lifestyle and the beliefs behind it are unique to me, and I don’t have time for all these “abolitionist” “vegans” who feel the need to label and box and categorize and judge others.

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    I actively try to be the least intrusive vegetarian you know. I consider it a compliment when people I’ve known for...
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    If you stopped eating animal products for the environment, you are a vegetarian. If you stopped eating animal products...
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